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Dont look the picture.. ^^
Actually I should use cream cheese frosting for the decoration but I did not have the ingredients for that so instead I used suger powder and I also still had some choco decoration which was not enough. ThatÄs why the decoration was so strange.. ^^

Despite the look, the taste is delicious.. it's a little bit salty because I didnt measure the salt..

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Because I had limited ingredients, I made only the simple muffins. But still this muffin was not perfect..
At the first I forgot to melt the margarine thus the dough of margarine and sugar could not be mixed. So I had to make the new dough again.. ^^
The mixer was also not good, the flat beaters are broken so I had to use dough hooks which made the dough was not expanded.
Furthermore, I had to cut the choco into small parts and put one by one on the muffins, but instead I chopped it and put into the dough.
It's my bad habit not to follow the receipt so I cant get perfect cake.. ^^;;

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This is a German cake. I made this for a first time... it turned not really good coz I didnt follow the directions when I made it.... I just put all those ingredients as I like... but it's still delicious... ^^

Sorry, I dont know the name of some ingredients in English and the instruction is also in Germany. I will try to translate it later when I have time..

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