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I decided to move my backing/cooking receipts from multiply to here. Usually I used multiply for everything, but I think it's better to differentiate between my life experience and my fandom, and I also have this LJ which rarely use. So I decided to move here..

Maybe it's better to move my fandom talking here because I already use this LJ to join some fandom community. But... I already use multiply for long time, I dont want to leave it and it is also more jobs to move all my spams..

ok.. then...

I will start to move some receipts from multiply and later add new ones.. I got some receipts from internet or from my friends, mom, etc.. I try it and publish here..
The results maybe are not perfect because I am not a chef nor patisserie.. I learn how to cook and back by trial and error and never take any cooking class at all..
I want to take any backing class but it's hard to find here in Germany unless you want to do an "Ausbildung" (a professional class). That kind of class is not for hobby thing like me.. so the only way is learn by yourself..

Now, since I live with my brother, it will be difficult to back anything.. His oven is not working properly.. It takes time to heat... o(>"<)o
I miss my oven in my dorm...

Version I

Aug. 21st, 2008 05:49 pm
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Version I
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